Friday, June 26, 2009

Regina Spektor: Laughing With

From Regina Spektor's new album - Far


  1. It's weird.
    The bitter way she sings "Ha.Ha," makes me think she doesn't believe in God.
    I took the song as completely sarcastic.
    I hope so anyway.

  2. If she does believe in god, it seems like it would be a nebulous one. "No one's laughing at god - we're all laughing with god." is how she ends the song. That line seems to be the summation of the song, and it makes the entire song into more of a statment on the human condition and the ridiculousness of belief in a god in the face of all these bad things. If God's laughing with us, it seems the only thing we could be laughing at is god, which leads me to think she's saying that god himself is laughing at us for believing in him. The song that follows this one, "Human of the Year," I think it is, is also about religion. "The icons are whispering to you/ they're just old men/ like on the benches in the park/ except their balding spots/ are glistening with gold." I find her to be smart, sharp, and cynical - and her quirky songs make me happy every time I listen to them.

    If you want an Atheist song from her, listen to "Blue Lips." I felt it exactly described my own journey into reason, as well as humanity's struggle to get there as a whole.


    So there. Thoughtful about religion. That's fine with me. :) Sounds like she's on her way out, honestly.