Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bill Donohue Denies Catholic Church Abuses

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May 29, 2009 on 'The Last Word' with Matt Cooper
Catholic League President Bill Donohue vs. Irish sexual abuse victim Colm O'Gorman
See also: Colm O'Gorman Interviewed on Channel 4
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  1. bill's right gotta give him some credit.
    can people actually listen to the interview instead of writing down preconceptions!
    sheesh i thought athiests called themselves open minded and real truth seeking,,,,,,,,,,,,, :(

  2. Good on you Bill. Finally someone can stand up and defend the Catholic Church. I mean, the abuse of kids by priests is appauling, and those guilty should be imprisoned, but the actions of a bunch of priests doesn't reflect upon another bunch. Besides, every single organisation, schools, Police departments, and other religions have just as much sexual abuse. Why does everyone hate the One, True Church?

  3. Holy Shit. Is this guy O donaghue for real. I'm gobsmacked.

    Apparently then, if you're a priest - staring at a child in the shower, slapping a child on the behind, sexual talk and even kissing is is NOT abusive.

    Does there need to be a black eye or a physical wound to indicate abuse? Don't we ALL know that the biggest hurts are the emotional and mental ones.

    WHY has this guy not been towed off and tied to a tree on an island.. so depressing just listening to him

  4. Donohue should read 'My Life in Hitler Youth', the Pope's tell-all autobiography. He hasn't written it yet, but I've reviewed it here---

  5. His actual argument is irrelevant.  He is simply trying to pretend that child rape is not endemic in the Catholic Church.  The Church itself admits that 1 in 25 priests have raped children (4.3%), but most sources put it at at least 1 in 10.   
    Bill Donohue is truly the vilest of all the Paedo-Pope's minions.

  6. Donohue is a complete jerk. No grey area there.
    What a piece of work.

  7. Almost makes me wish there were a hell so he'd burn.

    I think you may all like this atheist site too, check it out...

    Aristotle's Muse

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