Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pope's Former Employer: Catholicism Heading Back to Middle Ages

April 15, 2009 on Euro News

A small town in southern Germany was the scene of a meeting of minds between two members of the Catholic church in the 1960s. Theologian Hans Küng invited his colleague Josef Ratzinger to Tübingen to teach at the university’s Catholic faculty.

Shocked by the student revolt of 1968 Ratzinger became increasingly conservative.
He also became Pope Benedict XVI 4 decades later.

His boss at the time, Hans Küng, went on to be described as the “super-star of European theology” becoming an arch-critic of church hierarchy, calling for an end to celibacy, and the acceptance of contraception.

Küng and Ratzinger both took part in the second Vatican council, the biggest shake-up of the Catholic church of the 20th century, marking an overture to the modern world, and dialogue with other religions and convictions. But what does Küng think of the controversy stirred up recently by his former employee?

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