Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bart Ehrman on The Colbert Report

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Bart Ehrman
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April 9, 2009 on Comedy Central
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  1. Just in case someone pops in here while searching for stuff on Ehrman like I did...

    1945, So, have you read the bible in ancient Hebrew and classic Greek? Perhaps you've browsed the original codices in Latin? No, I didn't think so. One of the problems in reading the bible in english, is that they are all translations of translations of translations. If you read Ehrman's books, you'll find how the scribes (many of whom could not read themselves) often mis-copied or intentionally changed the text to fit their own agendas. Ehrman has read the various manuscripts in the original and pointed out the inconsistencies of the various texts and translations. This guy has spent his life studying the bible and the writings that it was derived from. How anyone can think that one can just read the bible and be at the same level as Ehrman, astounds me.

    Read Ehrman's works, even a believer can learn something from them.