Friday, February 20, 2009

Lou Engle Calls for a 40-Day Fast Preaching "Sexual Purity"

Added February 19, 2009 by Lou Engle
I would like to call the pastors, leaders, and believers in the state of California to join me on this Lenten fast from February 25th to April 5th. In my fast 7 years ago I had to overcome the compromise of my eyes to get a spiritual breakthrough in the state. I believe that if the pastors of California would call their people to 40-days of cleansing, confession, and preach sexual purity, as the core of this fast, we could step into a place of corporate spiritual authority that could once again shake leaders in government, in our judges, release spiritual awakening, and the beginnings of reformation. I believe if we could form a remnant in California (the 7000 that have not bowed there knee to Baal) then we could see a breakthrough even on the issue of marriage.

Everyday pray for the following Justices: Chief Justice, Ronald George, and Associate Justices Carlos R. Moreno, Joyce L. Kennard, Kathryn Mickle Wedegar, Ming W. Chin, Marvin R. Baxter, and Carol A. Corrigan.

And everyday pray for Governor Schwarzenegger.

Consumed by TheCall,
~ Lou Engle

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