Monday, December 1, 2008

Abdul Raheem Green: Do good people go to Hell? (Full Lecture)

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October 11, 2008 on Peace TV (India)
Watch part 3 if you don't have time for the whole thing.


  1. Have anyone of you noticed that all of the postings on this wall have been emotional?  I was atheist but converted to Islam because it is clear and logical.  Your wishful thinking that there will be no accountability for your actions is baseless.  No scripture, no prophet, just your own wishful thinking.  I remember thinking the same thing. Read the Qur'an and see how clear and logical it is.  It'll be impossible to understand what Abdul Raheem Green is saying until you understand Islam.  I personally don't see a charlatan; perhaps it's your emotions (jealosy?) coming out?  In any case, I can assure you Abdul Raheem Green's discussions are much deeper than one can realize without understanding Islam.  By the way, have you read God'ed and MisGod'ed? by Laurence Brown, a former atheist and surgeon who also converted to Islam? He makes some very good points.  And to learn how Islam is merely the continuation of a long history of prophets with the same message (ie. Moses, Jesus, etc.), a good read is The Cross and the Crescent by Dr. Jerald Dirks (former ordained minister and graduate from Divinity Harvard, Harvard University, converted to Islam). Lastly, Dr. Maurice Boucaille's book The Bible, The Qur'an and Science is an excellent book which shows how detailed and accurate the Qur'an is with regard to its explanation and description of the natural world, none of which has been disproven to date, and most of which has only been proven in recent scientific history.  The scientific and scriptural/historical facts are hard to ignore. 

  2. Can you define 'wishful thinking', please?
    I think it may help alleviate the overwhelming sense of projection I get from your post.