Thursday, November 27, 2008

British Islamic Preacher Abdul Rahim Green Describes the Torments of "the Hellfire"

October 11, 2008 on Peace TV (India)
From transcript:
Abdul Rahim Green: The hellfire is a place of the most extreme suffering, the most extreme pain of every level that you can imagine physical, mental, and spiritual pain and suffering and torment. It is a place where Allah will burn the skins of the people, and then he will recreate their skins, and burn the skins again, so that the people in there will taste the punishment. It is a place of heat, a place of pain, a place of suffering. The people will cry in agony for water. They will cry for a drink something to cool them and they will be given water, they will be given a drink, but it is boiling water that will scald their faces and burn their insides ...Read more

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