Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bill Maher and Larry Charles on The Hour

October 1, 2008
What do the sharpest satirical minds working in television today have to say about religion? Well, if you ask Bill Maher and Larry Charles, the answer would be "a lot". Maher is known for holding nothing back on his former talk show 'Politically Incorrect' and his current one, 'Real Time.' Larry Charles made his name as a writer and producer on shows like 'Seinfeld', 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Entourage.' Oh, and he also directed a little movie called 'Borat.' Now, Maher and Charles have joined forces in a new documentary called 'Religulous.' Now, if you're still wondering where Maher and Charles stand, let's just say they might have to dodge a few lightning bolts if they're wrong...

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