Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Israel: Computer Store Under Siege By Ultra-Orthodox Jews

September 8, 2008 on France 24
On the outskirts of Mea Shearim, an ultra-orthodox Jewish neighbourhood in Jerusalem - a computer store, is literally under siege from religious extremists. For weeks now, a dozen protesters, tracts in hand, have been hunting for the MP-4 device that downloads videos, an activity banned by ultra-Orthodox rabbis. “They are extremists. They’re trying to take control of the entire neighbourhood”, claims Yosef Shalom, a brother of a salesman who works at the store.

Their hats and their long overcoats are signs that they belong to the Satmar community, an ultra-orthodox Hassidic movement. Some people believe that they have formed brigades, which have gone out of control. The accused find it pointless to respond to such charges. The one person who consented to speak with us described himself as a “haredim, who is trying to carry out God’s will”. He continues, “they are corrupting our children with these videos”. Read more
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