Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Egyptian Islamist Explains Why It Is Forbidden To Eat with Your Left Hand: That's What Satan Does

September 6, 2008 on Al Nas TV (Egypt)
From Transcript:
Wagdi Ghneim: Some people eat with their left hand. What's this supposed to be? They say: When you eat, the fork goes in the left hand. Do you eat with your left hand? You do, and then you take a drink. What's this supposed to be? You use your left hand, and yet you claim to hate Satan?! You dare to tell me that you sense the enmity of Satan?! Allah give me the strength to resist Satan... Hold on a sec. The Prophet Muhammad said: "When you eat or drink, do not use your left hand, because Satan eats and drinks with his left hand." Whoever eats and drinks with his left hand follows Satan, and whoever loves the Prophet Muhammad must eat with his right hand. ...Read more

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