Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scientific American vs. Mark Mathis

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On March 28, 2008, some of the editors of Scientific American watched a screening of Expelled at their offices and had a discussion with the associate producer of the film, Mark Mathis. This is the entire recording of the discussion, uncut.

Notice while listening that Mark will make some type of assertion about the content of the film or about evolution in general, but when confronted with contrary evidence or an answer to his inquiry, he will say things like "Well, I'm not scientist" or "I had no control over that". Really, Mark? How can you make a film about evolution and how wrong it is if you don't even have any idea about it or the evidence for it? Or, if you don't have all the facts about a certain issue, how can you decide what happened and put it in a film as if it was a fact?

This interview is very revealing about the intellectual dishonesty of this movie and its makers. A good illustration is when they point out that Ben Stein will say that "no one is blaming evolution for the holocaust" but then half the movie is trying to illustrate a connection between evolution and the Nazis.

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