Monday, February 4, 2008

Blasphemy: Muslims enraged at Wikipedia

So far, 83,000+ Muslims have signed a petition asking Wikipedia to "respect other people's religion" by removing pictures of Muhammad from his Wikipedia entry.

The petition reads:
Target: To tell wikipedia editors to respect other peoples religion
Sponsored by: Faraz Ahmad
In Islam pictures or Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other holly figures are not allowed, but on wikipedia they has published some pictures that are showing not only a body with white face but an image that has a complete face.. that is even not allowed by SHITAT fact of Islam.
i request all my brothers and sisters to sign this petition so we can tell wikipedia to remove them.
specially this image
Update: Wikipedia will keep hosting the pictures.

Read the Muhammad FAQ and comments in the petition for a laugh.

Update 2: Petition against Petition against Muhammad Pics in Wikipedia (Thanks Cordt)

Why Democracy? Bloody Cartoons - BBC Documentary

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