Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Huckabee on homosexuality and abortion

December 30, 2007 on 'Meet the Press'


  1. america's founding fathers were secularists. they embrace moral values and ethics that's why to them "everyone is created equal". the word 'created' was used to describe how embryos become babies, not how God formed humans out of dust.

    we are all sinners. that i agree, so that is why we should all learn from one another instead of saying who's right and who's wrong in their own moral senses. after all, as far as i'm concerned, one man's sin is another man's virtue. if one wants to be a homosexual, by all means, enjoy that life. as long as one is happy with the way he or she is living, that's good enough.

    the best policy in life is still to do the most conscious good and the least conscious evil. i'm sure any gods around the world would agree to this.

  2. He's a preacher running for president.

    And you know what ....A lot of us aren't christian!

    An no we aren't all sinners, that's an arrogant point of view, but worst of all he's doesn't understand science.

    He is flat-out lying about where science stands!

  3. Huchabee's a douche bag