Sunday, December 23, 2007

Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' | BBC

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Aired: December 9, 2007
*Reposted (better quality)
An Open Letter to Richard Dawkins - Father Johnathan Morris [FOX News]


  1. I'm so glad Dawkins finnaly sat opposite of that Morris guy who is all over Faux News these days supporting the christian right.

    And has anyone noticed that the Morris guys mentions in every episode that he is in Rome, and that means close to the Pope, like it makes him more religious or something, what a joke. I really think Faux news believes the 29%ers really think Rome = pope = holy.

  2. I tried listening to the bbc video feed for Dawkins on "Have Your Say" but I got sick and tired of how the call-in questioners ate up too much of the time rambling around randomly before finally getting to their points. I found myself really wishing the streaming video had the capacity to skip ahead but it didn't. I got tired of it about halfway through and quit.

  3. The one caller who mentioned the quantum effect as somehow proving miricles to be possible, um, I was surprised to see Dawkins didn't have a more "technical" answer to that. Even at the level of the atom the quantum effect is quite small, about 1 in 1000 and at the level of a Jesus the quantum effect would be so small that it would take many orders of magnitude longer than the age of the universe for it to possibly occur a single time in history. For something tiny like a: photon, electron or quark, quantum superposition is the rule and not the exception. And there is some evidence that consciousness may be effected by wave-function collapse if it hasn't been observed. How then would we be able to notice this, however, since it can never be observed? But no reputable particle physicist would claim quantum effects can be used above the nanoscopic level to explain events which violate classical physical laws and Dawkins should have known that.