Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hizb Ut-tahrir Youth campaigning against Geert Wilders' upcoming movie

"Defending the holy Koran is an Islamic obligation"

The international radical islamic group 'Hizb Ut-Tahrir' is distributing flyers in 4 Langauages and calling Muslims around the world to react against Wilders' upcoming movie about the Koran.

Read the pamphlet
The petition

From the pamphlet:
Some people in Holland backed by others decided to produce a film about the Noble Quran, this film may be will be broadcasted in the Dutch TV in January next year. Those who are responsible for this shame work had declared that the objective behind their work is to show the fascism aspect of the Quran, and how the Quran motivates the hatred and violence. This film is just a part of an organized campaign leaded by some against Islam and Moslims in this country, its objective is to exercise pressure upon the Moslims so that they will leave their religion, their style is distortion, fabrication and mockery of everything the Moslims believe in.
O Moslims in Holland,
Keeping silence in such a case where your Quran is being humiliated may be understood by some people as a sign of acceptance so they will continue in their falsehood, others would understand your silence as a sign of weakness, so their hatred and their mockery of your religion will increase. But we know that you will not accept your religion to be humiliated, and you are strong in faith, that is why we ask you to deny this munkar by using all lawful means and not to be silent...Read more.


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