Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heart of the Matter: God Under the Microscope | BBC 1996

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Shot in Brno, the programme explores the relationship between science, religion and the pursuit of knowledge. In the first part, scientist and author Richard Dawkins challenges the role of religion and explains his views on the value of scientific research. He also talks to Dr James Watson, one of the scientists involved in the discovery of the structure of DNA. In the second, filmed in the library of Gregor Mendel's monastery, Joan Bakewell hosts a discussion between Dawkins, Roman Catholic priest and scientist Michael Heller, philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock, theologian Wentzel van Huyssteen and historian Dr David Starkey.

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  1. I liked the idea of having the round-table in Mendel's library. It is too bad that nothing was resolved at all. I think the divide has widened quite a bit in the decade since this was aired.