Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chris Hedges on The Hour: Christian Fascists in America | CBC

(via Heathen TV)


  1. This Hour show seems to be pumping out some good quality interviews, including Dawkins and Hitchens.

    I really like the host, young and intelligent, actually listens to the person he is interviewing, instead of sticking to a script.

    Good shit, keep up the great work!

  2. I enjoyed Hedges' and I understand he went out and did a great deal of hands on research to write it. His many of his allegations have long been out there thanks to organizations as, Americans United (, the National Center for Science Education ( and the Millitary Religious Freedom Foundation ( That said, the influence of these church-groups has been exaggerated in reaction to many of their leaders clownish behavior and it is easy to get the impression that this type totalitarian political philosophy is now goosestepping its way into the halls of power. As David Kuo pointed out in Tempting Faith a lot of the high ranking Bush Administration officials are followers of Leo Strauss and see religion as one of many "soothing diversions" to keep the masses preoccupied. There are at present no plans to impliment Dominionism, reconstructionism, etc, but as Chris points out a lot of these guys are close enough to power where they could get a say in things should some disaster strike so it is still a good idea to keep an eye on these jerks but don't believe everything you read.

  3. There is much to criticize the religious right for, especially their attempts to "cure" gays and put pseudo science the classroom but this guy strikes me as a left-wing propagandist. And his solution to this problem of "Christian Fascism" seems to be socialism. He attacks corporate America as being in league with the Christian fascists in an evil pact to control the country and eventually the world through imperialism. Criticize the religious right, absolutely, but let's not get sucked into paranoid delusions.