Monday, December 17, 2007

Channel 4: Make me A Muslim | Episode 1

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Aired: December 16, 2007
Info: Three-part series following six volunteers and a lapsed British-born Muslim who agree to live under Islamic law for three weeks in an attempt to explore the religion and whether it has anything to offer them. The opening programme sees the group having their homes swept for items offensive to Islam such as alcohol, pork and revealing clothing as they prepare for a schedule that includes praying five times a day. It is not long before the volunteers show signs of rebellion.
Note: Episode 2 might be available tomorrow.
Reality television lifts veil on life as a temporary Muslim - Yorkshire Post (via LGF)

1 comment:

  1. Its very painful to watch these volunteers spending 3 weeks test driving the Islamic life.

    The volunteers seem to be resisting every step of the way. Why don't they just quit. Duh?

    It makes me wonder how much these "volunteers" are getting paid to be on the show.

    Bottomline One: "The Muslim life = prohibition." Prohibition and the western society dont mix.
    Bottomline Two: If your thoughts, words and actions are not aligned, its time to change. These volunteers keep complaining about how they dont like their mentorship, but they keep coming back. What's up with that?
    Bottomline Three: When are the mentors going to try to justify a father's "right" to kill his daughter for not wearing a veil?