Friday, November 30, 2007

David Horowitz's Demons: Islamofascism Awareness Week 2007

by Max Blumenthal and Thomas Shomaker


  1. I don't know if any of you have been following the feud between Max Blumenthal and Christopher Hitchens on the Huffington Post but it has been quite a juicy bit of gossip in the blogosphere for the last couple of years. You see, Hitchens was good friends with Max's father Sydney who was a press agent in the Clinton administration and used to get crazy good scoops from him. Then in 1998 Hitchens tried to get Sydney jailed for purjury claim he had leaked some smear to him about Monika Lewinski after the famous BJ scandle (dubbed "tailgate 98" by the Daily Show) broke. Hitchens then wrote a thouraly fictious book about the Clintions called "Noone left to lie to" which passed on the same urban myths that the American Spectator and Jerry Fawell's the Clinton Chronicals had fabricated a few years before containing all sorts of unsubstantiated smeers against Syney Blumenthal. Anyhow, there's dirt on Hitchens like you wouldn't believe. This is the guy who attacked Mother Teresa, there are reports of his getting drunk and claiming the holocoust never happened, he called holocoust denier David Irving a "great historian" in his Vanity Fair column and repeated it on the Charlie Rose show and gave the Witherspoon Lecture at Gary Bauer's right-wing-christian Family Research council about a year and half before writing god is Not Great which expoused the virtues of Atheism. Those of us who love atheism cannot help but notice that Hitchens has turned more atheists into right-wing-nuts than vice-versa and are a bit skeptical at what he's getting at but Hitchens had threatened to sue Henry Kissenger when the latter had mentioned Hitchens connection to Holocoust denial but that didn't stop Max Blumenthal from publishing blog after blog on the Huffington post slamming Hitchens for his hypocritical right-wing-nutery and from what I can find on the web pretty much all of Max's allegations are true. Although the Holocoust denial bit is based on hearsay promoting the work of Irving (the Micheal Behe of Holocoust denial) is stepping way closer to the edge than I'm comfortable with of anyone I could ever take seriously about anything.

  2. This is nothing but a political hit piece from a fanatic on the far left who does not take the threat from radical Islam seriously. Horowitz understands the left like few do because he used to be a liberal.

    As to the previous poster's charges against Christopher Hitchens, if the nut who made this hit piece is making those charges then I have to put serious doubt into them without further proof.
    The left should be joining in on Islamofascism Awareness Week not trying to find ways to crash or disrupt it like they do any time a conservative dares to exercise free speech on a campus. (which is why the heavy security for these events is needed)
    I am an Atheist and I am terrified that way too many of my fellow Atheists simply do not get the threat that radical Islam poses and seem to hate Bush more than Osama bin Laden.
    There is plenty to complain about Bush for, but there just is no comparison between him and the Islamists.