Saturday, November 10, 2007

China denies Bible ban at Olympics

Reposted from Times Online:
"Organisers of the 2008 Beijing Olympics denied allegations of religious intolerance, saying that Bibles and other religious items for personal use would be welcome at the Games. Reports that Bibles would be banned at the Olympics next year set off an outcry that prompted a US senator to call the Chinese Ambassador for an explanation and a Christian athletic group to protest... Read more"

Video of Fox News reporting on the alleged ban

China dismisses Olympics Bible ban as rumors - China View


  1. "Should we boycott the Olympics?" lol

  2. I would bet my sould (LOLOLOL)that China never planned any such thing. It was a preemptive media strike by the Catholic League since they coudln't get any information one way or another from China. By making a blatant lie on FOX news, they would get imediate attention. Just goes to show the strong armed tactics used to manipulate the world.

    If the religious way is the best/strongest way of life, then why are they so scared of even a minute level of independent thought? Never mind, I know that question answers itself. Can't wait to see the Golden Compass!