Monday, November 5, 2007

Battle of Ideas: Debating Darwin - Fora TV

October 28th, 2007
Debating Darwin: Should evolution be taught as the only truth?
"The debate over creationism has sprung up as the latest flashpoint in the battle between secularism and religion. While the US has seen extended conflict over the theory of evolution - from the 1925 'Scopes Monkey Trial' to the recent Dover, PA court case – new challenges to Darwinism under the guise of intelligent design (ID) have arisen in the UK. Concerns centre on school science education, from Sir Peter Vardy's Emmanuel Schools Foundation to the controversial teaching packs distributed by the anti-evolution group Truth in Science. The rise of 'Islamic creationism', modeling itself on ID, adds to concerns that Islm poses a special threat to secularism in Britain. Although the Royal Society and much of the scientific establishment have denounced the teaching of creationism, a recent MORI poll revealed that over 40% of the public believe that creationism or ID should be taught alongside evolution in school science classes..." Fora TV

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  1. I remember Steve Fuller's testimony in the Dover case. He called for "afirmative action for IDC ... " and the courtroom erupted in laughter. You also might remember his exchange with Dawkins in that wonderful Assult on Reason series you uploaded recently where he essentially said that he didn't believe in the scientific method.