Monday, October 8, 2007

Richard Dawkins - Difference Between Comforting and True


  1. Oh that is excellent. I disagree with Dawkins about the Jews holding too much power in the US and his endorsement of the God Who Wasn't There film and it's shoddy scholarship (I am aware that Dawkins denied the Jesus-myth hypothesis in TGD) but he's right on the money here. There are a number of tin-foil-hat-wearing so-called Atheists as you and I have discussed. I think we need to go deeper on an intelectual level but I think we can win.

  2. I agree with you about Dawkins, and mentioning the "Jewish lobby" always reminds of conspiracy theorists.
    I think we are already starting to win, but its going to be a long way and unfortunately we will not live long enough to see it. However, we can raise freethinking kids and maybe their kids will see it happening. and worry about other world problems :D
    Atheists differ a lot in their opinions, when it comes to many things like state, politics and even religion. But that's good for us, as in it gives us more reach. Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, and Harris - the 4 musketeers :)- are the best example.