Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More demands from Islam - Pat Condell


  1. Pat Condell needs to address the issue of why Britain, the United States and other democracies preach human rights and democracy, yet they engage in regime change and support brutal dictators and kings who do their bidding.

    TO all those who criticize Saudi Arabia's human rights violations, why aren't you asking the United States to stop accepting trillions of dollars of investment money from the Saudis? I gues money is more important than human rights.

    I can understand how Pat Condell doesn't like being pushed around by Islamists, but what does he think how the people of Iraq and Afghanistan people feel when his country and the United States have bombed their homes, the infrastructure and have used chemical weapons on the people in those countries?

    What is ironic about this is that the United States had helped Saddam Hussein into power and supported him strategically and financially when he was committing his worst atrocities.

  2. I will never vote labor again. From now on i am voting BNP.

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