Monday, October 29, 2007

Military families take 'Westboro Church' to Court



    --Fred Phelps is a Democrat

    --Phelps was a prominent civil rights lawyer for many years

    --Phelps received an award from the local branch of the NAACP

    These and other strange facts have led me to the conclusion that Phelps is a hoax. WBC does not exist and that the old man has sold the entire nation a bill of goods. I sure hope that I'm wrong though.

  2. WBC does actually exist, but its a family church, almost everyone that goes there is related to fred phelps.
    The family is well educated too! many of them are lawyers and I wouldn't be surprised if they win this case. I'll post a documentary about this now.

  3. The WBC is sickening - I don't know if I should hate them for being "evil" or feel sorry for them for being ignorant. I use the term "evil" in the universally recognizable system of seccularized morals (no people-hating for an arbitrary reason enforced by a magic-man).
    And trying to find a neutral jury is impossible - your moral opinion is either that homosexuality is okay, and then you hate the WBC, or your moral opinion is that "fags eat feces" and will rot in hell and then you are biased for them - they'll win this because the latter will possibly just shut up about it until it comes to the decision.