Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eugenie Scott: Intelligent Design & YE Creationism - AAI 07

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  1. I can never hear enough about the Dover Trial. As atheists this is our first court victory in about 15 years. Ken Miller and Robert Pennock both have good accounts of the trial available on youtube and googlevideo respectively as well. There was also a BBC documentary called "War on Science" available on GV which does an excellent job of pwnning the IDC. The various individuals involved with the Discovery institute are worth looking into:

    In addition to Phil Johnsons idea that AIDS isn't caused by HIV and John Wells Mooneism one also finds the funds of Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Philip Anschutz, and Richard Scaife ... Scaife, many will recall financed the "Arkansas Project" which produced thousands of demonstrably false allegations about the Clintons in the 1990s and is in general a right-wing nut. And then their is the Discovery Institutes work with Ann Coulter who has said that women should be stripped of the right to vote and that Joe McCarthy is her hero. It is not just bad science, it is not just blatently religious, IDC is very partisan Republican and exists for the sole purpose spreading as much disinformation as possible while slandering a great number of honest scientists in the process ...