Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Proof that men are smarter than women?

This ridiculous show was aired on the main islamic channel in Saudi Arabia "Iqra TV" which literally means "read TV".


  1. Dude, I must admit that retard did make me laugh! However, I do take slight offense in that you said, perhaps jokingly, that they are referring to reading the Quran only. Maybe even implying that this moron's ridiculous opinion (the fact that a woman doesn't think before she talks) is something mentioned in the Quran, which I assure you is not. This guy is a clear idiot and very few Muslims would buy into what he just said. (Some would like to and will believe him I must admit though).

    Anyways, I hope you focus your blog on the good/logical things about atheism only as opposed to including bad things or bad examples of other religions, which may lead to stereotyping people; in this specific case, Muslims, as a people who believe women don't think before they talk!

    You see, I can understand a post like the video of Dawkins explaining the analogy of the tea cup. He's an atheist trying to explain the logic behind atheism which is exactly what your blog is about.

    But to show a video like this, showing nothing whatsoever about atheism, I'm not really sure how it fits into your website. What are you trying to show in this post: This is what Muslims believe in? This is what religious people believe in? This is what you will be/believe if you become a Muslim/religious?

    You know, if this was a website showing good and bad aspects of all religious views or even just Islam, I would understand. But a few videos showing the worst of other religions, and don't tie into atheism, I don't know man. At best videos like this will create wrong stereotypes and at worst they can breed hatred.

    At the end of the day this is your blog, and its a free world. So you're free to post whatever you wish. I just hope you understand my point here.

  2. "Iqra" is a religious channel and does not deal with many books other than the quran, or books written by muslim scholars about the quran.
    people from everywhere come to this blog, even from the middle east. I like to post things that show how religion can negatively influence societies, stop them from developing like in this case, or even if it just shows how ppl can easily adopt the weirdest beliefs and live their lives accordingly, Richard Dawkins calls it "conscience raisers". As for this particular video, i posted it because - among other reasons - i thought it was funny, and did not mean to offend anyone.