Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dr. Bart Ehrman: Misquoting Jesus

April 25, 2007
A lecture given at Stanford University by Dr. Bart Ehrman who studied religion and abandoned christianity after learning the origins of the bible, how it was written, and how it was later tampered with.. Dr. Erhman is now a Professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina.


  1. absolutely loved it. thanks!

  2. I did not like it.. I think he is part of an extremely complex meme transfer mechanism which has distributed involuntary agenda for evolving fundamentalist christianity and make it less self-contradicting and more reliable.

    It is similar to ectosymbiosis in biology. People like Dr. Ehrman delegate doctrine to the theologians. And the theologians delegate authenticity of texts to Ehrman. Doctrine is the meme that evolves with help of Theologians and Ehrman. Fundamentalists absorb the doctrine and propagate i further down..