Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Not To Wear In Iran


  1. I have Iranian friends that brag about the crazy parties they have there, They say "its the western media that gives Iran a bad image but in reality its different". I say to them "Come on! all the parties you talk about are underground. Is this really how you want your family to live? Is that the way you want your sister and mother to be treated?! Thats what you want to expose your kids to?"
    Look what these girls in the video were wearing! What is wrong with that? I wonder what kind of a culture shock the two 'Women In Black' would suffer from if they ever left Iran. OK i know Memri TV is very biased, but this was shown on Iranian TV, not produced at Memri's studio.. Very disturbing indeed.

  2. i had Iranian friends tell me the same about the western parties they have there, but i think it is all a bunch of bull shit. i think shit like that really does happen there